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Most Chronic Diseases are Linked to Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is a condition that can affect your immune system and can influence all of your organs, tissues, and cells. Read More

What Causes Inflammation?

Chronic inflammation is among the most significant health issues many of us will face today. Read More

How a Pinch in Your Neck Can Affect Your Whole Body

Have you been told that you have spinal stenosis? If so, you're not alone. Read More

Why Does My Neck Hurt?

If you've ever been unable to turn your head for a day or two, you know how debilitating and life-changing neck pain can be. Read More

Posture: Balancing Strength and Flexibility

Both strength and flexibility play a significant role in how your posture develops. Read More

How Your Smartphone Impacts Your Posture

Believe it or not, many of us spend 3 hours or more per day on our smartphones. That adds up to over 1,000 hours each year! Read More

How to Improve Your Posture

When discussing posture, we often refer to your body’s overall position as you stand, sit, or lie down. Read More

Redefining Posture: What You Need to Know About Posture, Your Health, and Chiropractic

Is there such a thing as perfect posture? The answer may surprise you. Read More

E-Learning: How to Avoid Tech Neck

The countless daily hours kids spend on phones and computers can significantly contribute to tension headaches. Read More

Why Chiropractic Care is Critical for Kids Who Play Sports

Your child's skeletal system is actively developing until they are approximately 25 years old. Their postural habits, history of injuries, and genetics play a role in their body's final form (and function). Read More

Be Smart With Your Smartphone and Look Up!

As education steps into the digital age, many students will be e-learning in some capacity for hours each day on their digital devices. Read More

The Benefits of Chiropractic

Whether you are looking to find relief from pain, correct the cause of your health issues, or you’re seeking improvements in function and performance, chiropractic care may be able to help. Read More

Taking a Stand Against Opioids

Taking a stand against opioids starts with our ability to help people find relief from chronic pain. Read More

Exposing the Truth Behind Opioids

While much of the information about the opioid epidemic is shocking, it's important to understand how we got here Read More

Finding Relief Without Opioids

There is no question that opioids are powerful painkillers. The problem is they are also highly addictive and don't actually fix the cause of your pain. Read More

Tennis Elbow? But I don't even play tennis!

Tennis elbow isn't just for athletes. Tennis elbow can become a serious issue because of the pain and weakness that make it difficult to perform daily tasks. Read More

Viewing 1 - 16 out of 173 posts


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