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Back Pain

  • "My pain and discomfort most interfered with my sleep and the distance I could ride in the car. Pain meds were the only thing that helped – I was so sick of taking medicine!! I feel as though the adjustments have really helped with my back. I still have some discomfort but nothing like before coming in. It’s the first time in about 2 years that I can actually stand someone touching my lower back. It doesn’t hurt as bad to sit down. The staff is amazing and so genuine. From the time I walked through the door, I felt like I had entered a “No judgment zone”. After the first visit, I knew they were going to help me!"
    Marsha W.
  • "Before coming in to Spinal Health Center, I had extreme pain in my lower back. It hurt all the time and nothing I would do would relieve the discomfort. I felt as if I needed to learn to live with it. Doing the everyday things also became difficult. Household chores caused me pain and sometimes I had trouble finishing them. I also enjoy lifting weight, which had also become difficult to do while dealing with the pain. I had tried another doctor before coming to Spinal Health Center, but I never got the relief I wanted. After being only adjusted, I would feel better for a short time, maybe a day or two, and then the pain would come right back. After a year of more of this, I decided it was time to move on..."
  • "I believe the adjustments in conjunction with the different treatments at Spinal Health Center have helped me. The treatments start with loosening up the muscles with electrical stimulation, then the adjustments and then different stretching and strengthening exercises. All of these in conjunction have loosened everything up and stopped the constant aching and pain. I feel the best I have in a long time. My back isn’t tight all the time, which is a huge relief. I can wake up and not be in constant pain until I go to sleep. I can do the thing s I enjoy without worrying how it will affect my back. The staff is wonderful. You feel as if they genuinely care for you and you well-being. I would suggest anyone coming and giving them a try. Once you get in the door, you will never want to leave."
    Whitney J.
  • "Two years ago I started having trouble with low back pain. Over the course of those two years, I lost 60 pounds and had very little energy. My medical doctor determined that I was having some sort of thyroid issue, and therefore put me on a daily thyroid supplement. This helped with some issues but not my back pain, which caused serious pain when I stood up. When I tried to stand up, it would take a minute or so just to be able to stand completely straight. The only way I could get any relief was through pain medicine, but even then, it would only last a couple of hours..."
  • "I told my medical doctor that I didn’t want to live on pain medicine all my life, so he said that a chiropractor may help with my back pain. I called the Spinal Health Center for an appointment. The adjustments I receive have allowed me to start living again and the rehabilitation exercises have begun the process of rebuilding my muscles that were lost due to my thyroid issues. I feel better than I have in several years. Spinal Health Center has a great staff of professionals. They are always courteous, upbeat and show genuine concern about my health and progress. I recommend Spinal Health Center to everyone I speak to about back pain."
    Michael W.
  • "I decided to see Dr. Steffins after over 5 years of chronic low back pain and over a year of foot pain. I hated that I had to scale back my work with youth ministry, making me more of a spectator for many activities. I was also frustrated that I couldn’t fold even a single load of laundry without back pain. Prior to coming to Spinal Health Center, I had seen 5 different chiropractors in three different states. The difference with Spinal Health Center was the personalized care. I felt like the staff really listened and asked the right questions. My treatment was adjusted in real time, based on my feedback. I have been able to return to full activity at home, work and church. If any symptoms arise, I have been given the tools to take care of it at home without the use of drugs. You guys rock!! Thanks!!"
    Jennifer P.
  • "When I first came in to Spinal Health Center, I had a tightness and dull aching in my lower back that had been bothering me for several days. For about 8 years, sleeping had been difficult for me as well. I tried taking ibuprofen and laid on a heading pad, but it only helped temporarily. The adjustments and stretching on my lower back eased the pain and also increased the mobility in my lower back. For the first time in 8 years, I can sit up and get out of bed without my lower back bothering me. I can also bend over and tie my shoes without pain. The staff at Spinal Health Center is top notch and they are very good at what they do. If you are ready to start feeling better, don’t wait as long as I did. Go see them now!"
    Michael M.
  • "When I first came in to Spinal Health Center in April 2012, I was having lower back issues. I was unable to sit for long periods of time, and it felt like I was sitting on pins and needles when I would sit down. I was unable to sleep on my back the entire night and I was constantly tossing and turning. I couldn’t lift heavy objects like I was normally able to. My exercises at the gym had to be put on hold because of the pain. To relieve the pain, I used ibuprofen, but I would normally just try to push through the pain and occasionally use heating pads and icy hot. A friend of mine recommended me to Spinal Health Center..."
  • "My rehab started with all sorts of stretching and exercises recommended by Dr. Steffins. Since completion of my therapy, I have continued to do all of the exercises Dr. Steffins has recommended to me at home and they have continued to help me immensely. My back has gotten much better and I am finally able to do all the things I enjoy, including running and exercising without pain. I would tell anyone if they are having any type of back issues to come to the Spinal Health Center. The staff is friendly, listens and has helped my overall health tremendously. My back feels great and my body feels younger and healthier than it has in years."
    Patrick H.
  • "I had suffered for years with back pain, trying every chiropractor I came across. I had bought every back pain device on the market. I was in so much pain that my family life was suffering. I couldn’t stand or walk for any length of time. I couldn’t shower without help, I had to dress sitting down and I was always grouchy. I had tried everything to get relief. The pain was so intense and so constant that I was considering surgery just to get some relief. The first thing I noticed about Spinal Health Center was that they listened. The Christian atmosphere was evident the moment we walked in. Dr. Steffins told us immediately that once he evaluated me, he would be able to tell me if he could or couldn’t help me- something I had never heard before. I feel better today than ever before! I have my life back… at least when my wife doesn’t have me doing “honey do” jobs around the house. I tell everyone about Dr. Dan. My wife often gets on to me because I even tell complete strangers about him!"
    David C.
  • "When I first came in to Spinal Health Center, I had trouble running long distances because of low back pain and lack of flexibility I had in my low back and legs. Dr. Steffins prescribed me different stretches and exercises for me to begin doing at home. Since I began my treatment at Spinal Health Center, I have become much more flexible and been able to knock several minutes off of my running times. Spinal Health Center has a very family-friendly environment and the entire staff truly wants to help you the best that they can."
    Samantha W.
  • "When I first came in to Spinal Health Center, I had lower back pain that sent sharp pain down my right leg. For over a year, I could barely bend over. I had trouble sleeping through the night and even had to take some time off of work for a while as well. I tried all kinds of pain pills, went through physical therapy and even had a series of steroid shots, but nothing seemed to help. By the grace of God, I was led to Spinal Health Center. The adjustments and exercises really helped properly align me and relieved my pain. Now I am sleeping much better at night, dealing with less pain and have even been able to return to work. My husband is also grateful because I have been able to help him around the house more again. Dr. Steffins is very knowledgeable about the issues I was having and the entire staff made me feel at ease. I would send anyone to Spinal Health Center who was having similar issues to what I was having."
    Becky D.
  • "I battled with low back pain for years without ever getting any type of relief. I was seeing another chiropractor and would get regular adjustments, but the pain would always come back sooner rather than later. I got to a point where I was in constant pain and the pain seemed to be getting worse. The pain was making my usual work much more difficult and I couldn’t even enjoy playing with my son anymore, such as going on walks or going on bike rides. I couldn’t concentrate on anything other than the pain. I tried to help relieve the pain with stretching, heating packs, massage therapy and inversion therapy. I took joint supplements daily and tried every pain reliever over the counter but nothing would make the pain go away completely..."
  • "I came in to Spinal Health Center and they began doing adjustments, and I could tell a difference, but I think it was the combination of the adjustments, soft tissue therapy and all of the exercises seemed to help much more than anything else that I had tried before. Most days now I have no pain at all and when I do have issues, I’m able to manage it because of the stretches and exercises I have been shown at Spinal Health Center. I can now do all of my usual work and play with my son all I want, as well as work out without the pain. I was treated like my time, feeling and opinions were important and they made everything as easy as possible for me- from understanding and explaining my condition to simplifying my insurance benefits. It was a great experience."
    Michael S.
  • "When I came in to Spinal Health Center, I had been suffering from lower back pain for a long time. It was difficult to do almost everything including simple things like getting dressed, sitting or bending over. The pain in my back was almost unbearable. I could barely do any work around my house at all. I first decided to go see an orthopedic doctor. I was prescribed several pain medications, but the pain still continued. I was referred to pain care clinic and had the nerves in two areas of my low back cauterized. The procedure was very painful and didn’t help at all..."
  • "After my first appointment with Dr. Steffins, I got the answers to what was causing the pain. Finally it seemed like I had met a doctor who knew exactly what was going on and how to help me. The adjustments coupled with the therapy they did with me was exactly what I needed. Now I can do all of the things I couldn’t do before and have the freedom to do as I please. Dr. Steffins put an end to months of pain and frustration. It is refreshing to go into an office where the doctor and his staff truly listen to any questions I have. They truly have the skills to make a difference."
    Mary A.
  • "When I first came in to Spinal Health Center, I could barely walk or lift my legs. The pain in my low back was just too severe. The pain interfered with my sleeping and I could not sleep at all on my left side without intense pain. I thought that taking pain medications would get rid of the pain, but it didn’t help at all. Dr. Steffins was able to help me on my very first visit. The adjustments, soft tissue work, stretching and exercising all helped tremendously. I can now lift my legs and I am much more flexible. The pain has gone almost completely away. I was very impressed with the professionalism of the entire office staff."
    Peggy S.
  • "The reason I came in to Spinal Health Center in the first place was because I had been suffering from chronic low back pain for about four years that had gotten much worse after I had given birth. I had taken anti-inflammatory medications that had no effect at all on the pain. After my treatment plan, I have been able to do more of my usual activities without much pain at all. I can now walk and exercise much more now."
    Connie C.

Shoulder Pain

  • "The main complaints I had prior to coming into Spinal Health Center were neck and shoulder pain. I had constant pains in my neck and it was difficult for me to turn my head in any direction. I have tried heat and ice on my neck for the past couple of months, and also taken ibuprofen, but none of them has seemed to help. I tried two different chiropractors prior to seeing Dr. Steffins. During my first visit, I had x-rays taken of me and was evaluated by Dr. Steffins. He listened to my complaints and did a comprehensive examination on my neck and shoulders. A personalized schedule was also given to me so I could make all of my appointments work for me. After several visits, I was given stretches and exercises to do at home and have begun feeling much better. The entire staff at Spinal Health Center was very helpful and attentive. I am so thankful I found Spinal Health Center!"
    Rosemary R.
  • "When I first came in to Spinal Health Center, I had pains in my right shoulder and in my right calf. I was unable to stand for any length of time without experiencing some sort of pain. I was unable to do things I was previously able to do without experiencing pain, such as cooking, doing laundry, fixing my hair, etc. I was unable to do almost anything with my right arm without causing pain to my right shoulder. I feel as if I’m on my way to healing and I am much more knowledgeable about my body and how to live a healthy lifestyle since visiting Spinal Health Center. I wake up most mornings now without any pain at all! My aunt referred me to the Spinal Health Center, and she and I have been very pleased with the care we’ve received..."
    Betty H.
  • "When I first came in to Spinal Health Center, my right hand had been giving me issues for quite some time. It had become almost numb much of the time and I could barely use it at all. It had become difficult to even write or use utensils with it. I tried using pain medications, topical ointments and a heating pad, but nothing seemed to help. During this time, I also had pain in my neck and right shoulder. When I would come in to Spinal Health Center for my appointments, they would start off by using an EMS unit with a heating pad, then they would work on all of the muscles surrounding the area and I would also be adjusted..."
  • "All of these things in conjunction really seemed to help and made a huge difference. Since I finished my treatment plan at Spinal Health Center, I have regained the use of my hand and the pain has gotten much less frequent. I would recommend Spinal Health Center to anyone that has these types of issues I had. The doctor and staff really listened to all of my needs and truly care. If you want to get better, Spinal Health Center is the place to go."
    Karen J.
  • "When I first came in to Spinal Health Center, I had severe pain in my shoulder that would keep me from sleeping most nights. There was a constant stabbing pain in my right shoulder, as well as a sharp pain in my right foot that would come and go as I walked. I went to see my medical doctor and was given cortisone shots, but it never seemed to help. I feel like Dr. Steffins truly fixed both of the issues I was having. I can now sleep throughout the night without waking in pain and I can also walk as far as I’d like without the issues I was having before. The staff at Spinal Health Center is the most caring group of people I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with and I would recommend them to anyone."
    Marilyn N.

Knee Pain

  • "I came to the Spinal Health Center with increasingly worsening hip and knee pain and sciatic nerve issues, which I had dealt with for 7 months. After beginning my treatment with Dr. Steffins, I began to notice improvement within a week. After a month, my sciatic nerve issues and knee pain were gone, and within 2 months my hip pain was gone. I can walk, kneel, garden and play with my grandkids with no pain or medications. Dr. Steffins and his staff are helpful and kind. I would (and frequently do) recommend the Spinal Health Center to anyone!"
    Teresa S.
  • "My reason for coming in to Spinal Health Center was because of a knee injury I suffered while training to run a marathon. The pain in my knee was very severe and was also swollen. I had first started taking pain medications for it, but it always seemed to upset my stomach. Dr. Steffins worked with my knee, and not only did I run and finish the marathon faster than I ever expected- I was able to do it with no pain at all! I don’t believe I would have been able to run that marathon at all had it not been for Dr. Steffins. Chiropractic care is not only for your spine, but it is for any muscle, bone or joi9nt pain- from the soles of your feet to the top of your head!"
    Angela R.

Hip Pain

  • "Choosing Spinal Health Center is one of the best decisions I have made. My lower back, hips and tailbone had been hurting constantly and I didn’t realize just how bad it was until I was free of pain. The therapy and adjustments were key for helping my body to heal. The only regret I have is that I didn’t go see the professionals a Spinal Health Center sooner."
    Lawana L.
  • "On Good Friday, I pulled something in my lower back and left hip when lifting from on my knees. My pain was ranging from an 8 to a 10 at most times during all hours of the day and night. For 3 painful weeks, I had little to no sleep and was unable to find comfort in any position (standing, sitting or lying down). Work was barely possible and over the counter pain medications only seemed to dull the pain for a brief period of time. I visited another chiropractic clinic and was not helped at all with my lower back and left hip pain. There I just didn’t feel I was getting the treatment I needed..."
  • "On the very first visit with Dr. Steffins and his staff, I knew I had come to the right place. The staff was extremely friendly and genuinely concerned with my needs. I was greatly impressed with Dr. Steffins’ interest in me as not only a patient in need, but for my overall health as a person. I think his leadership at Spinal Health Center is contagious and infectious in a positive way! His plan of treatment included adjustments, physical therapy and even natural supplements that have proven beneficial. All of the therapy technicians are all so equally encouraging, considerate and caring..."
  • "I believe all those at Spinal Health Center are extremely wonderful people and I enjoy being there each and every visit. Within 3 weeks of my treatments, I was tremendously better. At the end of 30 days, I was having several days in a row without noticeable or debilitating pain. I am now nearly pain-free, just as I was before the injury thanks to all who have helped me along the way. I have shared my superb experience at Spinal Health Center with every family member and friend who knew of my pain. I plan to continue with the treatments offered by Dr. Steffins and Spinal Health Center. They are treating me right and everyone will hear about hem if I am given an opportunity to share."
    Larry W.
  • "When I first came in to Spinal Health Center, I had severe pain in my left hip and lower back. It was difficult to bend, pick up things and raise my legs. The pain had gotten worse over the past several months before coming into Spinal Health Center. My right hand would start tingling when trying to put on makeup. Sharp pains would stab my lower back as I tried to stand while lifting things. I couldn’t raise my leg at all due to the pain. Prior to coming to Spinal Health Center, I began taking ibuprofen every so often, then had to increase to once a day and then eventually two to three times a day..."
  • "The adjustments and stretching Dr. Steffins prescribed for me have helped relieve the pain. I have learned techniques to help me at home when I feel my back start to stiffen up. This is the first time in several years that I can pick something up or even get out of the shower without any pain at all. I do not take ibuprofen at all anymore… No need for it!! The pain is gone. The staff is so professional and listened to what I said. They met a need and helped me learn techniques to use at home. They are all so kind."
    Christy H.
  • "Before coming in to Spinal Health Center, I had been experiencing low back, hip and leg pain for about six months. Everything I tried in order to make it feel better didn’t seem to help at all. I could not sleep, walk up stairs and my hip hurt all the time, whether I was sitting, standing or walking..."
  • "I happened to come across an ad for Spinal Health Center and as I read it, I began to think that they were talking about me and the pain I was experiencing. I decided to make an appointment and was able to be seen on that same day. Two months later, and I am able to walk up stairs, sit and sleep all night without ANY pain. It’s UNBELIEVABLE. A big thank you to Dr. Steffins and all of his highly trained staff for making me feel GREAT! I highly recommend Dr. Steffins and Spinal Health Center to everyone out there who had been experiencing any type of pain."
    Joyce T.
  • "Before coming in to Spinal Health Center, I had been having excruciating pain in my lower extremities and my ability to balance was deteriorating rapidly. I was unable to sleep most nights without the use of narcotic pain killers because of the pain. I decided to go to my family doctor and had x-rays done and was given an anti-inflammatory drug which helped some during the day, but not at all during the night..."
  • "The adjustments have certainly been instrumental in my recovery, but I feel the core strengthening exercises and have been very important as well. I feel much stronger now and have a much more positive outlook on life now. The fear of being disabled is gone now- I found help before the wheelchair! As a healthcare professional, I have told my family and friends that there is necessity in traditional medicine along with holistic medicine, such as chiropractic treatments as well. Pills and surgery aren’t always the best or only path!"
    Mary R., RN
  • "After staying with my father while he was ill, I developed a pain in my left hip, down to the knee, after sleeping on his couch for a few days. Over the next several days, it got progressively worse. I tried massage several times with no help. I saw a newspaper ad for Spinal Health Center and showed it to a friend of mine. He enthusiastically recommended Spinal Health Center, as the service he received from Dr. Dan helped him so much. At this point I had two options: Surgery or try Spinal Health Center..."
  • "I had already made an appointment to see a neurological surgeon (who couldn’t see me for two months), so it was either suffer until I could be seen by him or try Spinal Health Center. It was a no-brainer to me and there was nothing to lose. I made my appointment and my problems started to be addressed by the professionals at Spinal Health Center. The progress was a little slow at first, but I stayed focused and kept with it and after a few weeks my pain was gone. I would just like to say thank you to the professionals at Spinal Health Center for putting up with me and taking away the pain I was suffering without having to go through surgery"
    Edward E.
  • "When I first came in to Spinal Health Center, it was because I was having constant problems with my low back and hips. I could barley sit for any extended period of time. For relief, I would try heating packs, but after a while, they didn’t seem to help anymore either. I was eventually forced to stop doing yard work and many of my normal chores around my house because of the sharp pains I was having in my hip and left leg. My medical doctor told me my only two options were pain management or surgery. I drove by and saw Spinal Health Center and decided to give it a shot. My first visit went great and was very pleased with it..."
  • "It seemed like the help that I needed. With each visit, I was consistently feeling and getting better. I have very little to no pain now and the only times I really feel pain is when I overexert myself. I can now bend over to pick things up from the floor and have been able to get back to doing yard work and all of my other chores sound my house. Dr. Steffins and all of his staff are great. I wish I would have known that this was an option long ago."
    Bobbie C.

Neck pain

  • "When I first came to Spinal Health Center, most of the pain I experienced was intermittent, sharp pain in my neck and lower back. This pain did cause me to miss work. It made me miss many of the outdoor activities that I enjoy, such as riding my motorcycle, exercising, and playing with the kids. I hurt even worse at night. I tried many things to ease the pain. My MD gave me medication to help. Working with the doctor and staff at the Spinal Health Center has taught me ways to stretch, stand, sit and even some exercises that are designed to reduce the stress in my difficult areas. They are all nice, friendly, personable, and knowledgeable. They feel like a caring family. The pain I have been experiencing has reduced by about 30% after only a short time being treated and the frequency has reduced by nearly 50%. I am going to continue visiting the clinic and I tell everyone I know how much they have helped me in such a short time."
    Dawn B.
  • "When I first came to Spinal Health Center, I was having problems with my neck and back. I couldn’t turn my neck to the left at all. My lower back was aching during the day constantly. I couldn’t turn to the left to watch cars coming and going- I would have to turn my whole body. That was hard and was not comfortable for my lower back either. I tried ibuprofen and nothing seemed to work, even Biofreeze. I didn’t recognize the kinds of mechanical problems occurring in my body. The Spinal Health Center team helped me with stretching- the right way- and different exercises to do to strengthen my neck and back muscles, which I wouldn’t have known how to on my own. I can now turn my head with ease..."
  • "Wearing the orthotics, which were prescribed by Dr. Steffins, my back doesn’t hurt and I feel like I can stand straight and tall. I have since gotten a body pillow, which was also recommended by Dr. Steffins, to help me sleep better at night. The treatment I received was well worth it. The staff is very kind, courteous and are very experienced working with others. I would highly recommend this particular staff and of course Dr. Steffins to everyone who is having spinal problems. Thanks guys for all your help!"
    Michelle R.
  • "To put it quite simply, I believe Dr. Steffins is the best chiropractor in the U.S. Having lived on both coasts and in all four time zones, I have received chiropractic care all across the country. Only now have I felt completely comfortable and completely trusting with a chiropractor. Dr. Steffins has a God-given gift in the healing hands he has entrusted him with. Thank you Dr. Steffins for working out the kinks!"
    Clint R.
  • "When I first came in to Spinal Health Center, I had awful pain in my neck and low back. I would constantly wake up at night with deep aches and pains that just wouldn’t go away. I tried pain medications, stretching and heating pads but NOTHING helped. When I started coming in to Spinal Health Center, Dr. Steffins recommended a series of stretching and exercises that I could do in conjunction with the adjustment and soft tissue work that he did with me and it helped very much. Since then, I’ve felt GREAT! I feel much less tight and the pain has lessened substantially. Spinal Health Center is the answer to your pain and stiffness!!"
    Madeline N.
  • "The pain I had been experiencing in my neck was somewhat tolerable, but very irritable. I had little movement in my neck and had constant pain in both of my hips. I had not been able to sleep well at all since the pain started and it was difficult to even walk from place to place. I took pain medications which seemed to help at times, but not for long term. The adjustments and exercises really seemed to help. Since my last visit, I have had no pain and I feel wonderful. I am able to exercise and walk without any pain. I was referred to Spinal Health Center by a friend and have been very satisfied with the care I have received and will definitely make referrals as I can."
    Gary N.

Post surgery pain

  • "For many years I have been going to Dr. Dan Steffins and his very capable staff. I have Degenerative disc disease and often have severe pain in my neck and lower back. Thanks to his chiropractic methods I get relief and can continue to live a productive, very active, life-style. Several years ago I had back surgery by well-known neurosurgeon, Dr. Anil Nanda. He told me to continue to use Dr. Dan because of his chiropractic methods. Dr. Dan has always been compassionate, trustworthy and professional. He and his wife, Andrea, who works in the office, are wonderful Christian people. I feel very blessed to have his knowledge and expertise at work for me!"
    Paulla F.
  • "Prior to seeing Dr. Steffins I had 2 back surgeries. Last one being march of 2016. By summer of 2018 I was started to get mild to moderate pain in my back again. Wanting to avoid your typical pain doctor, taking painkillers, and a potential surgery i wasn't looking to have. I looked for an alternative.After speaking with family and friends. I was recommend by a majority of them to seek out chiropractic care. Most of them either seeing/seen Dr. Steffins, or knew someone who has. After about 10 +/- visits, that started in August of 2018, I was able to do certain activities that I had not physically been able to do in years. I'm was able to do those activies without pain..."
  • "As the visits continued I was able to more and more. Until 9/3/2019 when I was involved in auto accident (was rear ended at 50-60 MPH). After the accident I was having back pain again. I waited until the day after the accident to see if felt better, and I did not. So I made an appointment with Dr. Steffins. Since then I have completed 8 of the 12 recommend visits, and am just about back to the condition I was prior to the accident. After the recommended 12 treatments I no doubt that I will be at the level I was prior to the accident. Dr. Steffins and his staff are top notch. They are definitely the best in the Monroe/West Monroe area."
    Steven R.


  • "I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and have been suffering from ongoing issues for almost thirty years. I had taken muscle relaxers, pain medications, steroid shots and antibiotics for all of the issues I had been having throughout the years, but these things only gave me temporary relief and certainly did not help me health-wise. I had used many different chiropractors throughout the years and all had different techniques and methods. I had to see them on consistent and frequent visits. However, since seeing Dr. Steffins, my improvement had been remarkable. Until I came to see Dr. Steffins at the Spinal Health Center, my progress was never really great. I truly believe he has an anointing from God. His methods are more than just an adjustment. He promotes exercises and stretching. His mannerisms are pure and real. I believe that he is truly practicing what he has been called to do- understanding the body, spine, nerves and what part they each play in being healthy."
    Rosa W.


  • "My wife and I had wanted to have a child for many years and it just never happened. We were advised that chiropractic care could help with these issues we were having. We came in to Spinal Health Center and began seeing Dr. Steffins. We believe wholeheartedly that chiropractic care and the work Dr. Steffins did restored the problems we were having and we could never thank you enough for helping us. Our son came in to this world weighing 4 pounds 10 ounces and has a set of lungs that sound like a 20 year old and we are very blessed to have him. We think very highly of Dr. Steffins and the professionals at Spinal Health Center and always refer the Spinal Health Center team any time we are asked about chiropractic care."
    Larry T.
  • "My baby had been suffering from severe colic for almost two months when I first decided to come in to Spinal Health Center. She would constantly cry all day and night because of the colic. She was given multiple medications from her pediatrician which did not help at all. Since she began being treated by Dr. Steffins, the colic has gone away completely. I was worried that she was just going to be a difficult baby at first, but ever since being treated by Dr. Steffins, she has become so happy and such a joy to be around."
    Jeri K.
  • "My baby had been suffering from ear infections for about nine months when we discovered Spinal Health Center. Our pediatrician put her on antibiotics, but they were constantly being changed every month because nothing was helping at all. He considered tubes, but with the cost of the tubes along with all of the antibiotics she was already taking, we decided to try something else. Since the treatments at Spinal Health Center started, she has had no ear infections at all. Dr. Steffins was very gentle with her and everything he did seemed to help her very much. He has definitely gained my trust as a doctor."
    Connie C.
  • "I brought my daughter in to see Dr. Steffins at Spinal Health Center because she had been suffering from neck pain and ankle pain for about a year. She was very active in sports, playing softball and basketball, and I just thought that eventually the pain would get better and go away but it did not. By the second visit, her neck and ankles felt so much better. She got to the point where she was playing multiple games a day on the weekends and wasn’t having any issues at all anymore. We absolutely love everything about the Spinal Health Center!!"
    Cindy A.
  • "We first brought out daughter in the Spinal Health Center because we were constantly going to our pediatrician with ear infections. She was constantly having to take medications and we really didn’t want to have tubes put in her ears like her brother did. The treatments at Spinal Health Center began to help and since then, we have had much fewer trips to our pediatrician and almost no ear troubles at all. I am very thankful we were referred to see Dr. Steffins at Spinal Health Center!"
    Angela R.
  • "Our daughter had developed an ear infection that lasted 4 weeks. While we were on vacation, she spiked a 104 degree temperature. We took her to a pediatrician who placed her on antibiotics for two weeks. She finished the round of antibiotics, and as soon as she completed it, the fever and pain returned. We then took her to another pediatrician in Dallas and again, she was placed on another round of antibiotics. The antibiotics worked until she was finished taking them, and once again, the fever returned. A friend recommended chiropractic as a viable treatment option. When we arrived, her temperature was taken..."
  • "On one side it was 100 degrees and on the other it was 104 degrees. We were told this was an indication that there was an imbalance in her nervous system. After she was adjusted, her temperature had equilibrated to 101 degrees. The next morning her fever was completely gone. We continued getting regular adjustments with her chiropractor while we were living in Dallas, and now her dad (Dr. Steffins) makes sure her nervous system is functioning properly by adjusting her weekly. She has had NO ear infections since then and is a very healthy girl!"
    Andrea S.
  • "My daughter had been suffering from ear infections on and off for over a year. Her pediatrician placed tubes in her ears when she was eight months old and had an ongoing ear infection that had lasted for two months straight. Antibiotics did not seem to help at all. A friend of mine had told me multiple times about Dr. Steffins and the Spinal Health Center and I finally made the decision to at least give chiropractic care a shot. Since we began seeing Dr. Steffins, we have not had to see her pediatrician at all for the issues we were having before. Dr. Steffins has helped her so much. On a side note, I know a lot of parents may think is sounds crazy to have a baby adjusted, but the way Dr. Steffins works with children is very gentle and provides big results."
    Julie B.

Personal Injury

  • "Because of a recent slip andfall (and with a body that resisted healing without support) I discovered Spinal Health Center. The configuration of the office is unlike any of the ones I remembered from twenty years prior in California. The first thing that is refreshing is that there is little, if any, wait time. But should there be, there are refreshments at elbow distance. The therapy room is a large room with lots of therapeutic equipment that is used to make you feel better. When I was first introduced to Dr. Steffins, he gave me his first name ‘Daniel’. How often has that happened? Never for me. A person of equal status.. another human being! The people he has working along side of him I could call ‘staff’, but somehow that would shroud their humanness, that sense of connection that you feel with other people, and thereby their contribution to the end result..."
  • "Everyone there is a person of many hats, as they move you from one station to another. Each of them is very efficient and work effortlessly to make you feel comfortable. As you are being worked with, each of them work diligently to find the areas in which you need attention prior to seeing Dr. Steffins. After moving through a series of therapies, you are invited to a room to see Dr. Steffins. He is very diligent in his techniques and adjustments. As he goes along, he also provides you with exercises designed to support your continued health. Dr. Steffins embodies the sophistication of someone well-traveled, yet maintains the charm of southern hospitality which is reflected throughout each visit."
    Linda B.

Headaches / Migraines

  • "When I first went to Spinal Health Center, I had been suffering from headaches for 15 years and lower back pain for 25 years. My headaches caused me to withdraw from some social groups just to avoid any noise and my back had really started hindering my mobility to the point I would avoid certain activities. I’ve been to physical therapy numerous times and other chiropractors more times than I can recall. I’ve used heat a lot – my heating pad was one of my closest friends! The adjustments definitely help and the stretching for sure has helped my situation greatly! The attention to individual muscles has been instrumental in unlocking my shoulders and neck which has been amazing for reducing my headaches. ..."
  • "I used to have headaches every single day of my life, and now they are a lot less frequent and much less painful. My mobility is extremely better and I also feel like doing extra activities that I found myself avoiding before. Every one of the staff is awesome and extremely nice and friendly. Dr. Steffins is great! He really listens to what you say and he’s not afraid to change things up to fit your needs. I was at the point of just accepting the pain in my daily life and cope the best that I could. Thanks to Dr. Steffins, I can see a much better future with much less pain! Thank you!"
    Tim M.
  • "When I first came to Spinal Health Center of West Monroe, I was experiencing headaches almost every week and I could only turn my neck partially to the side. The headaches would be so severe at times that they would wake me up at night. My neck would be so stiff that I would have to turn my torso in order to look to the side. For relief, I would ice my neck and take prescription strength medication for the pain. Spinal Health Center not only helped by administering the adjustments, but they also taught me how to strengthen and re-train my muscles in order to hold proper postures. It is the first time in a long time I can turn my head without discomfort and my headaches are also minimal. I have told my family and friends about the difference Spinal Health Center had made in the quality of my life! My daughter had started her treatment and her husband has scheduled his initial appointment as well!"
    Angie O.
  • "Before coming in to Spinal Health Center, I was suffering from frequent and severe migraine headaches. I woke up every day with a headache, and the severity of the headaches would vary from day to day. The pain levels would be anywhere from mild, to the point where I would be bedridden on some days. It became difficult for me to schedule activities or appointments due to not knowing if I would be able to make it because of the headaches. It had gotten to the point where it was cutting deep into my life. When the frequent headaches started, I fought them with over-the-counter pills for about a year. The headaches intensified beyond what the pills could relieve, so I sought out a physician and started taking prescription headache medications..."
  • "As I continue to improve through the visits at Spinal Health Center, I find myself having to rely less and less on medications. Dr. Steffins and his staff have been an answered prayer for me. They have begun the process of rebuilding me. Since I started with Spinal Health Center, my migraines and headaches have been much less frequent and much less intense. Before, they were usually on a level of 7-9, and now, they are more like a 1-3 and continuing to improve. I was always hesitant about seeing a chiropractor, but I was to the point of such suffering, and was taking so many pills that I had become completely miserable. If I had known the truth about chiropractic, I could have broken free from the pain and pills years sooner. “Don’t let fear hold you back!”"
    Joey M.
  • "When I first came in to Spinal Health Center, I had been suffering from severe migraines and headaches for several years. I was limited to certain exercises and outdoor sports due to the weak muscles in my neck and back. Certain activities would trigger these migraines if I over-worked myself. I have seen very many doctors and specialists and my diagnosis was always muscle-related tension migraines. I have been treated with many different medications for migraines and was tired of taking them. The professionals at Spinal Health Center have helped me very much without the use of medication. ..."
  • "The adjustments to my shoulders and upper back, as well as the work that has been done on my TMJ had helped very much. I was also prescribed certain exercises to help strengthen the muscles that had become so weak over time from not using them. The migraines have become much less frequents and not nearly as severe. Overall, I feel much better and I am very pleased with the care I have received at Spinal Health Center. Thank you to Dr. Steffins and the Spinal Health Team for helping me. You are truly a blessing"
    Linda L.
  • "I was having severe migraines five to six times per week and nothing was helping with the pain I was suffering through. I had missed almost two months of work this year due to these migraines and can’t do the things I enjoyed because the pain would be so severe. I had been to see several doctors and tried all sorts of medications and home remedies, but nothing was helping. Once I started coming in to Spinal Health Center, everything began to feel better. The therapy I received helped strengthen my neck and the adjustments relieved the feeling of pressure in my head. I now have less-frequent migraines and the severity is much less than before. I am now beginning to get my life back! Everyone at Spinal Health Center is wonderful! They are sweet, caring and considerate and I absolutely love going to my visits!"
    Kyli W.

Office Environment

  • "In my 79 years, I have been in many doctor’s offices for treatment and none has compared to Spinal Health Center. Dr. Steffins, the therapy technicians and the office staff are all dedicated to each of their respective professions and it certainly shows through care, kindness and desire to help each patient feel better. Thanks to Spinal Health Center, I am back to living without severe pain. Spinal Health Center has my stamp of approval. Just try them out and I know you will not be disappointed!"
    Pauline P.


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