Personal Injury

Get Relief from Injuries with Chiropractic Care

Accidents happen without warning and can leave victims with lasting pain and symptoms that can be debilitating. Anyone who has suffered an injury may be struggling to manage their pain and condition with traditional treatment and pharmaceuticals that can be dangerous over a long course of time. There is, however, a safe and effective alternative for patients of all ages.


Chiropractic care has been proven to be highly effective and safe for patients who have suffered a personal injury. Many residents of Ouachita Parish, particularly West Monroe and Monroe, have learned to count on the professional team at Spinal Health Center West Monroe to get the care and treatment they have needed to overcome pain and limitations. 

Treatment for a Wide Variety of Injuries

Injuries don't have to be isolated to sudden impacts or acute trauma to create pain and discomfort doing even the simplest daily tasks. Sitting in an uncomfortable, unsupportive chair all day can put stress on the spine and create injuries over time. Additionally, the initial injury can create a chain reaction with the surrounding bone and tissue due to swelling and pressure from the origin of the pain. 

Slip And Fall Injuries

Some people may slip or fall and suffer an injury that prohibits them from participating in routine activities. These injuries can cause extreme pain and limitation of motion in some instances. Most people begin treating these injuries with prescription medication or over the counter drugs, but they can be habit-forming, and dangerous if taken for a long time. While initial treatment may require some type of pain management via prescription drugs, patients can see lasting, safer results with the help of a skilled chiropractor. 

Trust The Spinal Health Center in West Monroe For Recovery From Personal Injury

People who have never been to a chiropractor may be hesitant to seek treatment at first. If you choose chiropractic and physical medicine from a facility with a reputable and experienced team of health professionals like those found at the Spinal Health Center, serving West Monroe and Monroe, you'll receive expert personalized attention to your needs.

Your chiropractor will take a complete series of X-rays, if you have not already received from another facility, along with a physical and functional exam to determine the extent of the injury and how to proceed with a course of treatment. They can explain the entire process in detail to help you feel more confident about seeking chiropractic services and physical medicine for your personal injury. 

Those who suffer from pain from a slip and fall or other complications from personal injury should seek the services of the Spinal Health Center, serving West Monroe, Monroe and Ouachita Parish.


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