Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: What You Need to Know

Carpal tunnel syndrome may seem like a muscle injury to those who have it, but it's actually the result of a compression of the median nerve. Once this nerve is squeezed, it can lead to anything from tingling and numbing of the wrist to intolerable pain. If you leave carpal tunnel alone, it's likely only to get worse. Here at Spinal Health Center in West Monroe we'll look at the activities that may have caused your carpal tunnel and wrist pain and what can be done about it. 


Carpal Tunnel in the Modern World

The carpal tunnel itself exists within your wrists, and is flanked by small bones. Whether you're driving or sitting at a desk, pressure and repetitive motions can eventually cause the carpal tunnel to either collapse or become impinged.  

Pain at Work 

The traditional office in America has gone through a number of iterations over time. People had to get used to everything from typewriters to file cabinets. When the modern computer was introduced, along with the modern mouse, it transformed how people used their hands on a daily basis. A lack of appropriate work ergonomics only contributed to the frequency of this condition throughout America. 

Causes of Carpal Tunnel 

Carpal tunnel can be caused anything that will irritate the median nerve in the wrist. This could be anything from typing to talking on the phone. If you're extending your hand and wrist for any prolonged period of time, it will start to put undue pressure on the median nerve. However, carpal tunnel can also be hereditary or caused by things like diabetes and pregnancy, making some people more prone to the condition. 

How to Relieve Your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

If you're experiencing numbness, burning, or shock-like sensations in your ring, middle, index fingers, or thumb, it may be time to have your condition checked out by a qualified specialist. Those who experience carpal tunnel may find that they can't hold things as well or that they feel especially clumsy when buttoning a shirt or performing any type of fine motor movement.

Wrist pain will usually come on gradually so you need to be attuned to the discomfort as soon as you recognize it. Instead of seeing a surgeon or relying solely on better work ergonomics, you may be able to treat your condition with chiropractic care. Spinal Health Center will look for any mechanical breakdowns or nerve interferences from your neck/spine that may be contributing to your wrist pain. From there, we can work on correcting mobility issues in your shoulder, elbow and wrist to release the pressure on your median nerve without the use of more invasive treatments. 

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