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Auto Accident Injury

How Our Chiropractor Can Help an Auto Accident Injury and Back Pain

After an auto accident, recovery may take more than just medication and bed rest.  Joint problems, pinched nerves, and muscle pain are difficult to solve with or without surgery.

Have you considered our chiropractor? We at Spinal Health Center in West Monroe, LA, help our patients get back to great health not just by repairing existing problems, but by creating a path to a healthier life after solving the problems. Here are a few ways our chiropractor can deliver great health after an auto accident.

Auto Accident Injury

Back Pain and Your Auto Accident Injury

Severe accidents and “minor” fender benders have different consequences and complications. In fact lower velocity impact collisions can cause significant and sometimes even permanent damage to ligament support of the spine. Even after visiting the Emergency Room, you may have pain, discomfort, neck and back pain, or a lower range of motion that you didn't expect. With our chiropractor's help, these “smaller” injuries can be found, and a plan can be made for their relief, repair and remodeling.

What options are available? Here are a few services may help:

  • Relief therapies to help with swelling, inflammation, muscle spasms and to speed up recovery.
  • Manual soft tissue mobilization to help loosen tight muscles that are splinting the spine.
  • Computer assisted chiropractic spinal adjustment to gently help facilitate healthier joint movement and create stability motor control of damaged and injured ligaments and tendons.
  • Functional Dry Needling. Fine needles are used to push through skin, tissue, and muscle. This technique helps treat trigger points, which are extremely sensitive spots in tight areas of muscle.
  • Corrective Exercises. Stretching and motion range exercises do more than loosen up your body. By testing your range of motion and moving your body, our chiropractor can help correct dislocation, reduce swelling, and strengthen supporting muscles that can keep your body in the right position.
  • Spinal Decompression Therapy. Spinal stress comes from not only auto accidents or jobsite injuries, but the way we sit and stand all day. Especially with lots of screen time spent in a chair, our chiropractor can use intermittent traction techniques to take pressure off the discs/joints andhelp relieve or even reverse spinal problems.

There many other different ways our chiropractor can aid auto accident injuries, but some injuries can be difficult to spot. It may be days, weeks, or sometimes months after the auto accident that you notice the injury. If you come in soon after your accident, may be able to find these injuries and help treat them before they start to become a bigger problem.

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