Auto Accident Injury

Care from Your Chiropractor Is Essential after an Auto Accident Injury

The most common injuries in auto accidents are not cuts, burns, and broken bones. The most common and the most commonly overlooked injuries in auto accidents are microfractures in bone and microscopic tears in muscles that lead to bigger problems later on. Your chiropractor is a specialist in dealing with the subtle signs of auto accident injury that otherwise go untreated. Here are some essential points Dr. Daniel Steffins at Spinal Health Center in West Monroe would like you to know about chiropractic care after your auto accident.


Common Auto Accident Injuries Don't Usually Cause Pain or Immobility at First

The most common auto accident injuries, such as torn muscles, disc injury, tiny fractures in bone, and injuries to tendons and ligaments, can go completely unnoticed. You may not feel any pain or notice any change in your range of motion for a day, a week, a month, or sometimes a year. 

The reason subtle symptoms take time to grow into serious symptoms is the body's process of inflammation and repair is not immediate. When whiplash injures the soft tissues in your neck, they may not begin generating inflammation to clear out injured cells for several days. As the soft tissues finally get around to the inflammatory process, only then do they swell and pull against the cervical spine, the vertebrae in your neck, and cause pain. 

What Kinds of Injuries Aren't Immediately Obvious?

The misalignment of the bones in your spine and neck may not cause any problems until some other minor injury results in just enough change to pinch a nerve, interfere with your ability to turn from one side to the other, or press further down your spine on a disc. Injuries can be cumulative, and by the time you notice symptoms, you may have forgotten about the first injury that caused them. That's the all-too-common story of whiplash.

Your Chiropractor Can Help You Deal with Auto Accident Injuries in Uniquely Body-Positive Ways

Chiropractors don't intervene in your body's attempts to heal itself with drugs or surgery. Chiropractors work with your body to enable and accelerate its natural healing processes so you feel better, faster.

One of the key tools of chiropractic care is a technique called spinal manipulation. Your chiropractor applies gentle pressure to your spine, by hand or with an instrument, to make sure the vertebrae are in proper alignment and moving as they should. Your chiropractor will also show you how to balance your range of motion and improve your flexibility with gentle stretches and specific exercises when your body is ready for more activity. Or your chiropractor can use techniques to decompress your spine, taking pressure off of injured or dehydrated discs in your thoracic (chest) and lumbar (lower back) spine to stop disc problems before they start. 

Dr. Daniel Steffins Is Your Chiropractor in West Monroe, LA

Dr. Daniel Steffins has the experience and the tools needed to help you document your auto accident injury for insurance claims. He has the chiropractic skill to help you get back to pain-free living. Request an appointment online or call us at (318) 322-2250.

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